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Welcome to the Results-Capitol Hill Squash Ladder

Results boast one of the strongest squash ladders in the country and accommodates players from beginner level to nationally ranked players. The ladder is a great way to play squash, meet new players and work your way onto the league teams. If you are not on the ladder and wish to join, simply e-mail your name, e-mail and phone numbers to Head Pro, Brian O Hora (briano@resultsthegym.com).

Current ladder participants, to log on, please enter your last name as your "User Name" and your Results keytag number as your "Password".

(PAR, you do not have to serve to win the point).

Ladder rankings will determine positions on league teams and any intra club tournaments.

The rules of the game, provided by the World Squash Federation, can be found at http://www.worldsquash.org/rules.html

Rank   Player   Last Game
1   Brian O Hora   won vs.
2   Mike Keegan   won vs. Holger Kuessner
3   Terry Hindermann  
4   Pato Grane   lost vs. Mike Keegan
5   Holger Kuessner   won vs.
6   Chip Lindquist   lost vs.
7   Teddy Assefa   lost vs.
8   Bettina Aten   lost vs.
9   Chris Bickersith  
10   Alex Gross  
11   Peter van Geertruyden  
12   Ish Aslam   lost vs. Holger Kuessner
13   Diego Rios  
14   Rob Reichelt  
15   Gaston Astesiano  
16   Corey Norton   won vs. Lindsay Wilber
17   Raul Arenas   won vs. Nye Stevens
18   Kenny Mendez   won vs. Nye Stevens
19   Nye Stevens   lost vs. Kenny Mendez
20   Cassidy Houchins   won vs. Chris Miller
21   Chris Miller   lost vs. Cassidy Houchins
22   John Seggerman   lost vs. Cassidy Houchins
23   Joe Powden  
24   Chris Cole   lost vs. Cassidy Houchins
25   Shervin Limbert   lost vs. Cassidy Houchins
26   Monty Marshall   lost vs. Shervin Limbert
27   Ray Traylor   lost vs. Monty Marshall
28   John Williford   won vs. Deyne Bentt
29   Deyne Bentt   lost vs. John Williford
30   Fred Biery   lost vs. John Williford
31   Gerry Slawecki  
32   Matt Tolf  
33   Al Heston   lost vs. Raul Arenas
34   Chris Trimble  
35   John Bertonaschi   lost vs.
36   Buck Brody   lost vs. Deyne Bentt
37   Steve Morrison  
38   David McMillen  
39   Scott Field  
40   Christina Stewart  
41   Ian Warthin  
42   Jeff Kuenzi  
43   Allan Shnerson   lost vs. John Bertonaschi
44   Kevin Kiernan  
45   Thomas Bauer  
46   Jeremiah Baronberg  
47   Christopher Chivvis   won vs. David Marks
48   David Marks   lost vs. Christopher Chivvis
49   Andrew Shoaff  
50   Eric Frost  
51   Pervaze Sheikh  
52   Jason Ladnier  
53   Norman Metzger   lost vs.
54   Jeff Seltzer   lost vs. Norman Metzger
55   Juan Alonso  
56   Jan vanLohuizen   won vs. Cyril Dadd
57   Cyril Dadd   lost vs. Jan vanLohuizen
58   Ryan Breakey  
59   Ali Arvanaghi  
60   Karl Engkvist  
61   David Perry  
62   Jimmy Chan  
63   Michael Conathan  
64   Timothy Hickey  
65   Daniel Tobias  
66   Webber Steinhoff  
67   Gib Hale  
68   Jonathan Franko  
69   Lindsay Wilber   lost vs. Corey Norton
70   Joe Sexton  
71   Juan Contreras  
72   Vinnie Rotondaro  
73   David Herbert  
74   David Collins  
75   Nathaniel Stone  
76   Diana Bauer  
77   Demian McLean  
78   Alex Perkins  
79   Alex Franceschi  
80   Rene Sasinka  
81   Jonathan Brand  
82   Asif Ehsan  
83   Jake Ighile  
84   Ross Offinger   won vs.
85   Tony Saudek   won vs. Matt Halloran
86   Matt Halloran   won vs. Farid Ben Amor
87   Farid Ben Amor   lost vs. Matt Halloran
88   Clay Schroers   lost vs. Matt Halloran
89   Amy Rosenthal  
90   Norman Gardner  
91   Alex Sunshine  
92   Julian Casal  
93   Omar Alvi   won vs. Holger Kuessner
94   Chris Hill  
95   Ari Goldstein   won vs. Kevin Washington
96   Kevin Washington   lost vs. Ari Goldstein
97   Caroline archambault  
98   Anna Fifield  
99   AJ Copeland  
100   Rodney Elam  
101   Duncan Copeland  
102   Ray Carta  
103   Justin Lock  
104   David McIndoe  
105   Kurt Eilhardt  
106   J.W. Hackett  
107   Will Lowther  
108   Peter Barber  
109   Tim Hoffman  

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